google adsense disabled ads on my site :(

Got an email today informing that my site was reviewed and they found some stuff that violates their terms. They linked to some lingerie pics of Keeley Hazel in a post from back in 2007. For a bit there I posted some non nude pics of hotties. It got me hits, but that is not what BoK is about really. I also avoid swear words just to keep it a site my Mom can visit, and she does 🙂

I have been using adsense since 2006 and have made $200 from it. I really do not do it for the money, just for fun. I have google ads all over my other sites and have never had a problem. I would be fine with skipping google ads altogether, but it is nice to get a $100 every couple years. I do like the self created ads on the right sidebar for local biz I like.

Google gave me 3 days to clean up and ask to be rescanned. I will prob do it, because I really do not care for 5 year old posts. Will see what comes of it. What do you think?

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