good store bought chicken fingers?

I have been looking for a good chicken finger and got steak fingers by accident
9:56 PM Aaron: whaa?
me: meh
9:57 PM see about 2 months ago my coworkers got some awesome chicken fingers from the caffeteria
they smelled so good
I head home for lunch 99% of the time
9:58 PM anyways since then I have been looking for some chicken finger to satisfy me
tried KFC
Aaron: greasy++
me: They do some strange cornmeal coating thing
so I got some cheap bag of chicken fingers from ghetto russses
9:59 PM blech
so when I saw the crinkled bag in the spot for chicken fingers I got all giddy and just grabbed
the bag was krinkled and I saw “fingers”
10:00 PM They were steak ones
Aaron: :(:(:(
was that supper?
me: It is ungodly chunks of cheap cubed beef cut into strips.
Aaron: I’m sorry 🙁
me: came with a packet of powdered gravy as a bonus

Mr T of Lincolnite gifted me some fancy mustard and I am planning on whipping up a honey mustard sauce. I have all I need to make it, just no chicken fingers. I am figuring some Tyson or Banquet ones would be decent. Trying to avoid chopped and formed. Ghetto Russes currently is out of the ones I wanted to try.

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