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Good news from a couple of my Scott’s

So a good friend Scott is a bit stoked today. First a bit of background. He saw the movie grandmas boy and finally figured out what he wanted to do with his life. He gave up booze, tobacco, and drugs, enrolled in Devry video game school, and moved to his hometown of Malibu to work off some debt and get a job with a game studio. Well he called yesterday and told me he got a position with Activision. It is just a customer service position, but he is still taking classes and this is the first step. CONGRATS Scott 🙂

Scott # 2 who will not let me link to his site any more 🙁 got quite a surprise this weekend. He had been looking for a laptop to replace his laptop. I was in the market for one as well so we conversed about it often. He got his tax refund back and bought a really nice HP laptop. 4 days later it was on sale at bestbuy $150.00 cheaper. Well they do offer a guarantee so he trotted into the store and got $160.00 credited back to his debit card. CONGRATS Scott 🙂

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