gonna do it

I am on my 4th day of being tobacco free. Since 6th grade I have chewed secretly, quit a few times for years, but I think this time I am done. Going to use the $ I would normally spend to get me an iphone. Thats not all though. The hard alcohol gonna get put in the pantry on weekdays, and I am gonna loose some weight. So I figure around my birfday (end of April) I will have enough $ saved up to get us both on AT&T with my iphone and a phone for Theresa. A personal gift for improving myself.

The day after I quit I had caught a cold, was a bit hungover, and the cravings were insane. I seriously felt like I was tripping. It was pretty awesome actually. I dipped copenhagen which has the most nicotine and always has one in, always, plus swallowed, so I was nicotine fueled way more than your average smoker. I tell ya after food is the hardest, but it is getting easier every day. I feel pretty good right now.

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