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I wanted to replace the buttons on Defender with some illuminated ones. I ordered them before I even picked the game up. Then I noticed that there is no room under the control panel for anything besides the leaf switches it currently used. Sitting there all sad I stared at the wall and then Escape from the planet of the robot monsters did its attract sounds and I got an idea.

Well it was kind of a bunch of ideas. I have been slacking on turning the EFTPOTRM machine into a MAME. I looked into a multi game board a while back. There is a cool one with 19 games on it made for the horizontal screen, but it runs about $250. I decided to look it up again and now they are just $100 and even newegg sells them.

Robotron: 2084
Battle City
Mario Bros
New Rally-X
Ghost’n Goblins
Solomon’s Key
Sky Kid
Ice Climber
Super Mario Bros
Do! RunRun
Kick Rider

The EFTPOTRM cabinet used to be a Robotron, so that will be cool. I will order up the board Wednesday, but I can get the machine ready before it shows up. The 19 in 1 board only needs 2 joy sticks and 6 buttons total. I will hook up the ones on the edge as 1 player start and player 2 start. I will also add another button for credits. In super Mario Bros you need credits to be able to continue.


The old buttons were leaf switches. They are pretty cool with the springy feel and sound, but micro switches have the click and they light up.


It took extra wires to power the LED lights in the buttons. I was able to hook them right to the power supply, so it was easy. Also went with connectors instead of soldering. When I powered it up for the first time only one button was glowing, but flipping the LED bulbs fixed that. They glow really bright.

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