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glass a necessary evil?

A cold beer or sugar free kool aid just tastes better out of a glass. But glass makes one heck of a cutting edge. Doing the dishes last night and while my hand was inside a glass it shattered. Sheared off a big ol chunk of my thumb just like I used a deli slicer on it. It was deep, really deep. Even today it is still oozing. So I ran to the trash and asked T to grab me a towel. Applied pressure while deciding what to do.

Prob could done stitches, but it was not really a cut, more of a big ol chunk of skin missing. I know I got all the way through the skin cuz the middle bleedy part looked really strange. T looked for band aids and found 2, yup that was all we had. We were just about to head to the store, so T was gonna get me some band aids and maybe some guaze, heck I didn’t know. Just wanted the bleeding to stop. So off she went and I tried to wash my hand a bit and get a band aid on. Lucky for me it was a flexible fabric and it kept the pressure on there pretty good. It did get soaked pretty quick so I was gonna change it while waiting for Theresa to get home. Got it out of its packaging and placed it on the table. Headed to the trash can and pulled off the old one. Look over and Fuggles is munching on it, scared the crap out of her and realized a dog slobbered bandage would not be a good idea.

T showed up a few minutes later and had a bunch of band aids. She thought she was being cute when she got me some Finding Nemo waterproof ones from nexcare. They are really strange. First they are a bit small and shaped like an elongated diamond. The packaging was really unique as well. The sticky part is a micro thin super sticky see through plastic. Can’t really describe the way you apply them, but they work awesome and are really hard to get off. But My shower this morning was made a bunch better with one of them on. Prob not good for long periods since they do not breathe at all, but for being a joke, I am glad it was pulled on me.

Rode my bike in this morning as usual, and it pretty much sucked. held on with just a few fingers. I cringe at the thought of getting cut, but hate ceramic, plastic, and pottery type glasses.

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