glad I got the slime tubes in


Yesterday at lunch I noticed my front tire was pert near flat. Lucky for me the wife was close with the car and saved me. I searched for a thorn, but found nothing. Little bit of air and a spin and the slime filled whateva was leaking. Plus I doubt I have a 26 inch tube lying around anywhere.

I have not had any off road action for a while. Just noodling around my neighborhood with Fuggles. Either I am out of shape, or she stores energy like a battery cuz she has been killing me on rides. I cannot keep up with her, she almost pulls me along. She is getting really good at listening to my commands. I think she has left and right down. I know she understands whoa, which is really nice. I had been using my bell to get her to heel, but I think it would be much more effective if I train her to think of it as a whoa. Man wilderness dry out or something.

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