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Giveaway 2: twizzlers super long nibs


I love me some strawberry licorice. Nothing beats a fresh individually wrapped strawberry licorice which is so soft and full of flavor, except for a nicely dried out cherry nib. Well I like them a bit dried out, but cherry nibs just rule. Sure they make other cherry flavored licorice, but the nibs solid chunk just makes them better. I love them and they are a special treat every now and them. The problem with nibs is that they come in the single serve package (2.5 Oz), or the bigger bag (6 Oz), but never in the big bag that you can munch on for weeks.

Jeff of mentioned in IRC that there are now super long nibs available. I googled and then squealed. We looked at a couple places, and finally found them at Target. They were everything I ever dreamed they would be. The might be a bit thinner, but the nibbyness is totally there and much more fun to eat. The package makes them look like they are twice as long as the package and folded over to make it into the bag, but they are just as long as the bag and that is OK.

Would you like to try some? I will pick 3 of the usernames of folks who comment on this post to get one package along with some other silly crap sent to them by mail. Bla bla bla…. rules. Comments eligible to win must be in by 11:59 PM Friday April 15th. If you have won before, you can win again. Valid email address is needed to contact winners.

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