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I got this change counting container as part of a white elephant prize. It has a counter on the top. It is a bit primitave, but pretty accurate. I emptied my old change jug and inserted each coin one by one. It took over 20 minutes. It keeps a running total. I am guessing it could be about 5% off either way from missing inserted coins or counting them the wrong way. We have been adding to it since and now I think it would be fun to have folks guess how much is in there when the pictures were taken.

It is all kinds of change
It looks quarter heavy, but that could just be the pic
Coke can is there for reference
no questions will be answered on how heavy or dimensions
I am going by the total from the jar, not from a bank or coinstar
click on pics for larger sizes if you want

This is not the price is right. Who ever is the closest wins. Over or under does not matter. Closest either way wins.
you get two guesses NO EDITING YOUR FIRST GUESS. I will be keeping track.
Sunday morning Jan 15th I will pick the winner when I get around to it after waking up.
Winner will be announced and an email sent for the shipping address.

Might be arcade related with some candy or something. I promise not to give away a potato because I have learned that lesson from prior recipients getting fruit flies.

I have shared this with the folks on SCS (compare guesses on both sites of course), but I hope my real friends here get it.

Good luck.

Disclaimer: * any tricky crap like suing or something will be blown off 😉

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