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garlic chicken skillet

The hankering to try some new meals has been gnawing at me a bunch. Trying to recreate hamburger helper a few years ago is what ignited my cooking adventures. I figured it was time to try and branch out a bit more, I wanted to try some asian food. I figured a good way to interest Theresa to this style would be to have her pick out a frozen meal in a bag that she would be willing to try. She went to the store and looked at the offerings. There was a gaggle of ladies near the section so Theresa made a quick grab for a garlic chicken skillet. Turns out it was not all that asian, but close enough.

The instructions were very simple. Cook on high for 3 minutes while covered, stir often still covered on medium for 8 minutes. I liked how they had little frozen sauce chunks in there.

Made some garlic bread to go with it.

For the ease of the meal this is a good product. The veggies and overall flavor was decent. A little tame for my liking though. I will now see if I can find some recipes for a garlic chicken and see how that goes.

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