Garbage Pail Kids are back, with help from a Lincolnite

The LJS did an article On Adam Whites ( art line.

Adam White has his own trading card.

Drawn in the style of the Garbage Pail Kids trading cards that were all the rage in the mid-1980s, it shows White, wearing a T-shirt of his own design, atop a blue, one-eyed tiger. The words “Craze-One Clothing” — the name of White’s clothing line — run across the top of the card.

John Pound, who drew the original Garbage Pail Kids trading cards, also drew the one of White, the first in a series of five Garbage Pail Kids tribute cards that White and Pound began discussing a decade ago. The other four have yet to be released.
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The tribute cards to Garbage Pail Kids featuring Lincoln’s Adam White are available through White’s Web site. (Courtesy of Adam White)
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Like most of his friends, White, 30, collected Garbage Pail Kids — gross-out trading cards spoofing the Cabbage Patch Kids — when he was in elementary school.

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