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games I play on the iphone

I have really been having fun with the games on the iphone. Lets just say I am no longer reading on the plopper 😉 Some have cost $9.99 but most are pretty cheap.

The coolest cheap one so far is Toy Bot Diaries for $3.99. It is a simple puzzle game where you control a little robot through levels. I am still on the first one. Vid shows game play

Blackjack 21 is the best blackjack game I have found so far. You swipe down to hit, up to split, to the right to stand, and double tap to double down. Been training for a while now.


eat bunny eat is a silly fun game. The accelerometer lets you collect carrots while avoiding the cans. Like the old kaboom game on the atari it is simple, but gets old fast.


Lucky 7 slots is really simple and straight forward. It is just this one slot and I have played hours. One night I decided I would keep tapping till i got something big. I stayed in a $200 range and never won big on around 200 rounds. Oh well it makes me realize I have no desire to hit the slots any time soon.


I have 7 screens full of stuff on my iphone and most are games. I guess you folks who have one prob know the cool games like super monkey ball or Krash racing. The thing is a good amount og fun.

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