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Future pinball emulator


After picking up that empty pinball cabinet last week I started messing around with some other pinball emulators. I was using visual pinball before and decided to try out future pinball. Both do the same thing, but future pinball is much easier to install and has the most amazing pinball game I have ever played.

Three Angels is such a wicked game. It actually scared me when I first played it because I had the lights off and it was late. It has a very evil theme with Satanic overtones, screams, dungeon sounds, and a very dark feel. The ball seems possessed and will sneak around the drain at times. There is a multiball that uses black balls and it is trippy as heck. A constant goal of the game is to score souls and the easiest way is to hit the captive balls in the upper playfields. When you capture a soul it foes into a fiery portal and disappears, with a new ball taking its place. The table design and flow of the game is spectacular, complicated, and absolutely gorgeous. The graphic detail is insane.
Here is a youtube clip showing game play. (can’t embed)

Installing future pinball and tables is easy and free.

1. download future pinball and install
2. grab some tables. There are hundreds of them out there. Download the .zip, extract, and place the tables in C:/games/future pinball/tables and then drop the library files in C:/games/future pinball/libraries There can be some extra files in the zips, but you do not need to put them anywhere.
3. fire up Fp and load a table in the editor, press the play button or F5 to start a table. the 5 key will load credits, the 1 key starts a 1 player game, enter pulls the plunger, shifts are flippers, and Z / and the spave bar are to bump the table.

Places to get games:
Blindmankind has the 3 fanciest tables including Three Angels
RONEY has some really decent tables too.
VPforums is the uber site for all virtual pinball downloads and information. It is a hard to navigate site and it limits you to 5 downloads a day unless you pay to be a member. Their future pinball tables are here. They have lots of recreations that are simply stunning. They also have the visual pinball tables which are a bit harder to install, and they have tons of tables, but not the best for a beginner.

I am working on uploading some table packs in a zip file to make it easier for folks who want to check it out.

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