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Funhouse 18 :)


Oh man I am very excited. The last bit of parts showed up last week and I installed them. Above is a plastic bit that holds the glass in. It was cracked, held together with tape, and dirty as heck. I replaced it with a new piece and it works great. I also replaced the beer strip on the lockdown bar. The new foam is much better and extends to the end protecting the game from spills.


These flippers have taught me so much.

The part I am having trouble with it the silver clamp that is hanging low in the above pic. At the end where the flipper shaft is inserted is a bolt that tightens the part on the flipper shaft. I have now learned that you just need it super snug, not insane tight. I went through a few parts and decided to order more replacements to get it right. Those flippers are solid as a rock now and it was easy.


I applied another coat of wax, polished the balls, replaced bulbs, and gave it a good test. The game is playing absolutely amazing. Such a great game. I just need to move the batteries off the MPU board into a remote holder and reprogram the game and it is home bound.

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