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Funhouse 17 Are you kitten me?


I am on cloud 9 right now. I have been working on this machine off and on for a long time. The upstairs remodel distracted me for a while. Once I got back on the machine I simply could not figure out why the lower general illumination was blowing fuses. I would spend under an hour on many nights pulling a bulb and then switching the breaker to see if the bulb was shorting the GI line. The circuit breaker replaced fuses after I went through 15 of them trying to find the short. Sometimes it was instant, but other times it would take 5 minutes + before the breaker blew. I had no clue.

I asked for help on the forums and even replaced connectors. Still it would blow the breaker.

Desperate I get the breaker flowing again and dig around under the playfield while it is on. Just slightly touching wires. Nothing happens.

I close the coin door because I am giving up and the lower GI flicker.

I rock the game side to side and the GI flickers.

It was the socket for the coin slot lights that was slightly bumping.

I am really glad I figured it out finally, but am so bummed at how long it took me to get that right.

Parts will show up here in a couple days for some final touches. The game is 100% working and awesome. Should be home next week.

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