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Funhouse 06 Not only is Rudy a total Dbag while playing, he is a pain in the arse to get working


Oh Rudy. You call me one of 5 names to ridicule me when I play your game. I take it in stride, really I find it funny. But fixing you has been a huge pain. It is my fault. I heard that it takes a full rebuild normally, but you seemed to work. First I worked on your jaw and you still hosed me. Your eyelids broke and made me so sad. I figured I would replace your parts with much better ones to keep you working correctly. I bought all the parts I thought you needed to shine.


Pulling you from the machine was so easy. Sure, I had to remove your damn jaw again, but all the connections were with plugs. That was really nice.


Saw you were missing a screw to hold the VUK, but it never seemed to matter in gameplay. I was feeling confident going to repair you.


Seeing how your eyeball mech worked made me smile a bunch. Heck, all the small solenoids in your head was one of the cutest things I have seen in a while.


Played with the broken bits to see how they work. Pretty cool.


Eyelids installed.
There should be a plunger shaft coming below that red coil.


So yet another part purchase >.< This pin is killing me. At first I figured it just needed a good shopping and Rudy jaw gears. While messing with it I keep running into stupid hurdles that need another part order. I have parts for most anything coming out of my ears. I get a few extra every time I need something. I am always missing something on this machine and need to order it. I have been working on it for a while now because of that. Makes me sad. Good news is that the machine is going to be in such great condition when it is done. IMG_7416

Rudy is in great shape otherwise. Heck I am replacing all the plastic and he will work perfectly. His eyes are clean as heck. He will get set aside tomorrow when I tear the game down for flipper rebuilds, cleaning, rubbers, and polishing. Parts will show up soon I hope to get Rudy working in a day or two. He will look great on a clean and working machine.

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