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Fuggles in her cone makes me smile all night long

Putting the pic below the fold and you can click it if you like. It is not really gross, but it is red and moist and I figured it is up to you if you want to see it

So Fuggles is on her 4th day of having a cone after Zobert got her eyelid good. The healing is going pretty well. The emergency vet gave us some eye medication to give her. It is made of mineral oil and petroleum jelly. It seemed really mean to put that in her eye so we called our vet and they said they use the same thing and we should use it. I guess it keeps the eye lubed and irritates it to keep the tears flowing. Her stitches will come out maybe next Friday.

Dogs in cones are pretty funny. She is still getting used to it, but has found it to be quite useful as well. She can use it as a battering ram and push on you or Zobert with decent force, it makes it easy to carry her teddy bear around and keep it away from Zobert, and it catches her drool and then she licks it clean. The best part is how she catches it on stuff. She gets stuck when spinning around to lay down on the couch. I know I should not laugh, but it is funny. Theresa caught me petting her cone and thought that was kind of strange. If we had children I would cone them just for my entertainment. I want to put the extra one on Zobert because she seems jealous, but Theresa says that is mean. Whatevs.

Fuggles did break the cone last night and when I took it off to fix it she started pawing at her eye and made it mad. Theresa kept her from doing it while I upgraded the clasps with zip ties. It makes it hard to shake her head and she cannot lie down there. That has to be sucky to not be able to lick your junk. She seems to still have a really positive attitude and comes to you smiling and wanting her ears rubbed.

Pic of her below

They shaved all around her eye and the stitches are on the lower eyelid to the right. There are 4 stitches. her eye did not get scratched at all, but it does look like the stitches rubbing on her eye has irritated because her eye is red now.

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