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fricking love the iphone


Scuse me while I geek out for a bit. I wanted an old iphone back when it came out, but waited. My 1st gen razr was pretty lame. Really wanted a good web browser phone. I researched the iphone and it seemed cool. Even while waiting for it to show up I learned all I could about it. But I did not realize just how cool it really was. The phone part is just a feature actually. It really is a mini computer that does more than my regular computers in ways.

The GPS mapping is really cool. I wish it could track where you have been so you can upload it to the web or a PC, but apps are in the works for that functionality so I just need to be patient. I was surprised by how many programs use your location though. Weather, the camera, the yellow page app, movie checking apps, and even a really cool grocery shopping list program I found. The GPS is smart enough to know which part of my house I am in or what lane of the street. The directions in maps is plenty for a turn by turn on a phone.

A birdy told me 3G will be here in Lincoln in about a fortnight and Omaha later. The wifi is still the best way to go though. And it is smart in how it is used. If a password is needed for the connection you enter it and it remembers. Then go from one wifi spot you have joined to the next without having to do anything. Even if it drops you still have the edge network so you are always connected.

The browser is awesome. I keep finding little tricks that shock me. On wifi it is darn fast. Zooming and navigating gets easier. Typing on the tiny keyboard was a pain at firts, but I am getting really good at it now and it is learning my style. It put beerorkid in the dictionary automatically which was nice. Email is awesome. I actually use the gmail site over the built in mail app since it is very amazingly optimized for mobile browsing. I love getting a little buzz and knowing I just got an email.

The games are awesome. Theresa is completely hooked on Trism, and it a great time waster. The race games are fun too. Apps I love are a wordpress one that lets me post to my blogs. A flickr one lets me upload and download pics. It is a ipod as well and I completely reloaded my entire library and am having lots of fun listening to stuff I have not listened to for years.

The coolest app so far is called ineedstuff. It is a grocery shopping app that is really well made. It seems so simple when you use it, but there is a bunch of really cool stuff going on in the background. We wanted an app that would allow us to make lists that we could edit with ease while shopping. We had been using google docs to share our lists which we printed off and went to the store with. I looked around and found ineedstuff and purchased it. A bit pricey at $10 for such a simple app, but it works really good.

Ineedstuff has a simple list of groceries that is very well made to customize with ease. you add items to your list and head to the store. Once in the store you click off stuff as you go. The first item at a new store will ask you what the stores name is. It does it via the GPS. When you tap an item on the list it drops down to a section below called purchased. The next time you come back to the store it will know where you are and will organize your list by your path through the store (how fricking cool is that?). Every time you use it it gets smarter too. A future release around september when apple hopes to allow apps to push info to the phone is going to include syncing between multiple iphones, so Theresa and I can share the lists we create.

Only been two days with my own iphone and I am in love. I get bummed when I am not in a hotspot, but 3G is just around the corner so I will live. Apps keep coming out every day to add more functionality. I keep finding new little tricks and have to run and show Theresa. Severely impressed and very happy. Completely worth it.

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