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fresh balls make a difference


The soccer ball spins on the playfield when you activate the chance for a goal. The motor is very loud and that ball gets going really fast. The ball that came with the machine was pretty worn and dirty. The rubber was hard and cracking. I got lucky and noticed a thread on RGP about someone looking for a new ball, and someone knew a place that had them. I have looked at a bunch of places and most threads about people looking for one say ebay is the only place you are going to find one, and prob around $100. Illinois pinball company has a few, but they are not even listed on their site. $50 plus shipping.

The new ball does grab the ball pretty well. Before it would nudge it one way or another or put a good spin on the ball, this one actually flings it around. My playfield is so smooth and waxed that the spin it puts on the metal ball makes for some interesting results. Once the spin catches the ball will race in a direction really fast. It really randomizes the game.

I asked on a couple pinball forums for folks to tell me which direction their soccer ball spins. I am getting and finding mixed answers. It would make sense for it to spin CW so when the metal ball bumps into it the bounce would send it towards the goal or up into the pop bumpers. If it was spinning CCW it would just deflect the ball back towards the flippers and out of the upper areas. To make it even more confusing, the ball actually spins both ways. If you get to the wizard mode after beating all the other team at all the cities you get to play against Germany in the championship match. The match lasts for 45 seconds and you get unlimited balls, which is how you get the 5 ball multiball. During that final match the ball spins the opposite direction. My thinking is that in the final match the ball would spin CCW to make it more difficult. I swapped the wires on the motor so that my game would work the way I think it should be. The previous owner had replaced the motor and might have gotten the wires turned around.

I absolutely love this game. It is in such fine condition, has more than 2 ball multiball, has a decent rule set with many modes and even a wizard mode, the display is very interactive, the sounds and music are great, and just plays so well and fast. Come play sometime 🙂

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