Free Pron :) Guess not :( Playboy ripped me the F#%K off

Oh boy I gotz me some free pron, but I have no clue who sent it to me. Got the mail today and saw I had a package. Opened it up and it had this 2003 playboy VHS with a few adverts jammed inside. None of the adverts are from playboy, although often with my monthly subscription I will get similar inserts. Now of course I have purchased adult stuff online.

But I am completely baffeled as to how this was sent to me. And who owns a VCR anymore? I just hope it was one of you kind readers of my computer websiteblog. (PS send bacon next time 😉 )

EDIT: seems it was a gift from something I had ordered. Srry. But feel free to send me pron 🙂

Who has a VHS cartridge playing thing? So they just decided to gift me some crap out of their leavings? Shit sell that crap on woot. Frickers.

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