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Five guys was delicious



We are lucky to have so many good places here in lincoln to grab a fine burger. I had a BCB at Tam O Shanter Monday with curly fries and it was magnificent as usual. Lazlo’s and Misty’s both make really good burgers. Problem with those three is cost because you are waited on. You could always get togo I guess, but it is still pricey. Gotta give props to Runza as well. We are all pretty used to their burgers, but they are reasonably priced and high quality burgers.

It has been a grueling wait, but the day finally arrived. I was planning on stopping by for lunch, but had some banking issues. Theresa treated for dinner. I got a bacon burger with mushrooms, she got a little cheeseburger, and we split a small fry. While I was waiting 3 people brought their burgers back. Not sure about 1 guy, a girl had a pink burger in the center, and the other was mad about onions being on the fully loaded burger. The manager replaced all with a big smile and no complaints. Headed home with a heavy bag and we enjoyed it very much. We could not finish the fries and they were a bit soggy. I am sure they will get it down a bit better, but it was their first day.

The hype of 5 guys might be a bit over the top, but they do have a quality product and I am very glad they are here in our town.


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