first time online


Saw a funny post about this on digg and thought I would share mine and maybe get some of yours.

Theresa’s Dad had the internets at his house and we were over there one afternoon and I got my first taste of the internet. I had no clue what to look up so I used spider (there was no google yet) to look up doritos. I found a few things and kept clicking through. Within a few minutes I was on a lesbian porn site and knew the internets were for me.

T’s dad got her a IBM desktop computer and we were blazing the internets at 28.8 bps, and kept going up from there. I was a very early adopter and we had DSL once it came out, then TWC cable which I still use today. Looking forward to getting fiber right to the house though. Oh and within 3 clicks I can still get to lesbian porn 😉

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