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first NE corn


A week early, but we decided to do it anyways. Headed tot he Old Cheney farmers market and picked up some good stuff. Only one place was selling corn and it was only $5 a dozen and we ended up with 17 ears to make up for the size. Boiled in the brewing equipment outside, tossed into a cooler full of ice, and zipped the corn. Got 3 pretty good servings out of it because we figure that will make us through the week. It is corn season and we are ready to go.

Next week the holy grail of sweet corn producers will bearound these parts and we are not ready. Daniels sweet corn is the absolute best. They pick the morning of sale and hydro cool the corn to 38 degrees from picking time for sale that day.We still need a better way of storing it and after asking around on the forum and the web we found you do not can corn, you freeze. Now we froze our crop last year and learned about freezer burn. We are awaiting our next payday to get a vacuum sealer food saver.

Basil, gonna wait till we get the sealer to send.


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