finally downloading pics from my phone with kbluetooth


So I use us cellular (OH Joan Cusak and your goofy smirk) which is decent. Anyway got me one of them razr’s v3c (it was cheap I am not a trend whore) and with their service I cannot download the pics/vids to my PC even through their website. (frickers)

So after trying everything via USB (how it charges), in ubuntu linux and windows I gave up for a while. BTW in windows I had to download some driver from some hacker site just to charge the phone, fricking microsoft you suck. Anyway I read that it might be possible with bluetooth so I picked up a $13 bluetooth adapter and tried it out. Plugged it into ubuntu and nothing, checked synaptic for bluetooth and found kblutooth, ran it and instantly I was downloading the pics.

I can now take pics of the random crap I see cuz before it really did not matter.
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂 I fricking love linux.

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