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finally hit the fatburger


I heard about this place opening up in Omaha around the time I was helping my friend move back from LA where I had my first In-N-Out burger. I just had to get up to Omaha and check it out for myself. Theresa had a great idea to hit the Henry Dorly Zoo Sat morning so we were going to be in the area and I had fatburger on the mind.

Theresa used the directions on iphone maps to get us to some huge retail area that made southpoint look pitiful. We drove around the maze of parking lots and found it. Walked in and the place was shiny and pretty simple menu wise.



We both went with the standard cheeseburger and fries. Theresa got fat fries and I went skinny fries and added bacon (duh). There are 4 diff burgers. Beef, veggie, turkey, and chicken. They had onion rings, “real ice cream” shakes with whipped for $3.69, and you could add bacon or a fried egg. They gave us a cone with a number on it and we chilled while they made it to order.


We were both pretty beat as you might be able to tell in the pic above. The zoo is really hilly and big. I would of loved to try a shake, but I needed some liquid to quench my thirst. They have tons of toppings you can add to your burger which I guess is one of their things that makes them unique, but we both went plain. The food showed up and I noticed the cheese and bacon was on the bottom of the burger. The bacon was a bit underdone for my taste and was wadded up into a ball in the middle of the burger. Nice toasted bun and the patty was seasoned just enough with a good crunchy sear. The burger tasted great and fresh. Doubt I would ever go out of my way to eat there again, it is no In-N-Out burger, but decent enough.


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