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finally cleaned out the garage


That picture right there is what it is all about. I have lived here for around 9 years and that is the first time I have ever had two vehicles in that 2 + stall garage. Way back when we moved in our roommate was in construction so his van and equip filled the garage. Since then it has been a tye dye factory, wood shop, tint factory, brewery, guitar making shop, mechanics area, and a place to throw trash. A fridge was in there that had meat in the freezer and 8 gallons of Nebraska city cider had been unplugged for 2 years. A few dead animals, leftover food bags, tons of beer bottles and aluminum cans. Our car barely fit in there.

Every person who saw it was horrified. I wanted to clean it out for years, but never did. I finally decided it was time to do it. I had some friends offer to help, but I could not subject them to it. I contemplated getting a roll off dumpster. I ran into a guy I have known for 10 years or so working downtown. His name is Leonard and I saw him down at the watering hole.
Me: “hey Leonard, what you up to”?
Leonard: “junking as usual”
Yup Leonard is a junker. He has seen it all. I offered him a job helping me clean it up. I gave him my info and he came over Thurs eve to survey the garage. He figured a few trips to the dump would be enough, so no need for a roll off. I had a bunch of aluminum cans in bags and offered them to him. His bike was already filled with cans so he asked if he could come over Friday and pick them up. He called me Friday evening and said he got a good start on the garage. He filled 3 garbage cans to the max. I did not know he was going to start on it already. I asked him to come by this morning and we would get it done.

Pics of what it was like and how it is now below

You can see some grain bags on the shelves to the left there. They fed mouses for years. the garage smelled like mouse piss in that area really bad.


That is a pile of kegs and appliances stacked on top of one another.


Trash a couple feet deep piles were all around. These pics really do not show how bad it was. They are from a while back. Leonard had already done a bunch so I did not get very good before pics. It was bad.



We are just about done here. I am headed to the dump with the first of two loads while he keeps going.



Leonard enjoys a cold beer and looks at his job well done with pride with a pocket full of hard earned cash. He was beat from working in the heat in there the day before. The absolute best part was when he found a dead cat. To him it was just another piece of junk. He grabbed the petrified tail and pulled it out from between the palate it was laying on. The head stuck a bit 😉


There is still a pile of crap I need to go through, as well as a few benches that need a good going over. But, wow. It is absolutely mind blowing what a difference.


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