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final Chicago post


We loved the L and CTA transit system. You can get anywhere so fast. It took us a bit to get used to it, but once we did we were masters. We did take cabs 3 times, but that was emergency situations because we needed to get somewhere and were lost.


The view from our hotel room. The hotel was deep inside downtown Chicago nestled in all the rich folks condos and lots of very high end shops. I guess it was in the miracle mile. Seems everyone had tiny dogs and I talked with a professional dog walker who said he was so busy he was no longer taking clients and was doing very well.


waiting for our first bus to hit Molly’s Cupcakes. The girls there gave us hints for great pizza. We decided to hit Giordano’s and loved it.


Corned beef and pastrami hash made a great brekkie




THat was in a huge rotunda equal to our Lincoln capitol one. So the boom was huge.

The science museum was fun as hell



Theresa wanted to take a nap so I headed out to a pub that I knew had some pinabll. The Ten Cat pub had two machines and I had a blast there. The guy, who I assume was the owner said he had played at the Zoo before. Told him it was still going strong and he was happy. I kicked some butt on the machines, but did not get a high score.


A place right next to our hotel was More Cupcakes and they had the best cupcakes we found. The bacon one (top right) was insane. Bacon in the batter and the bacon toffee piece stuck in there was magical.


Theresa had a hankering for Italian and we hit the Rosebud Friday night and loved it.


We saw the show at the Grant fountain to honor Married with children.


J’s was near our hotel and they say that is where the cheeseburger cheeseburger skit from SNL was filmed. I got a cheeseburger and it was meh..


Field museum was fun, but we were beat

heh heh boobies


So this was kind of funny. During our last day we were pooped and I suggested we hit a bar I knew that had pinball to waste some time before our flight home.

We got off the red line at Addison and headed to Little Jim’s pub for some pinball. We were walking and it took a long time till we realized it was the gay district. I think the 3rd sex shop that was called leather heaven sunk in. We spent almost two hours there, rocked out to Wilson Phillips and Stevie Wonder while chatting with the bartender. The art was pretty awesome. Fumiest part was it was right next to Wrigley field.



Was a great trip. I love mass transit. If we ever make it back there we will know how to get around easy. A very good time was had.

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