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feels good to be back on the bike


A week after separating my shoulder i am back on the bike. What a strange injury. Doc said I could ride my bike the day I saw him if I wanted, but there was so much pain, oh man it hurt. So I am healing from an injury that will never heal, which is strange. Friend described it like dropping a bone in ham 5 feet and watching the damage. The pain was bad the first few days. Any movement had sharp pains and there was a constant dead pain.

This weekend it was getting much better and I got a new Rx. I started doing some movement of the arm. Would support it with my other hand and just do stretches in all sorts of directions. It really made a huge difference. I can pretty much raise my arm without any help now. The sharp pain is gone and I can even lift stuff. Basically doing my own PT and felt good enough to ride to work and home for lunch.

My boss is at the doc now setting things up for surgery to repair his separated shoulder. He separated his years ago and is still very active in riding and racing dirtbikes and is tired of the injury limiting him. He said it just gets worse with time. Ewwwwwwww…….

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