feasting on asphalt new season starts sat

Jeesh when did this become a food blog? I guess it does fall into the crap category though.
Prob not news to yall that visit, I am a huge Alton Brown fan. Good eats rules and many of my food makings come from his show. We have many on the DVR and I can youtube episodes for quick refreshers. He did Feasting on Asphalt last year and the new season is starting up Sat.

Although not a cooking show, they are pretty entertaining.

We made burgers from a chuck steak I food processed up last night. I was a bit hesitant to mix too much fat in the 1st 1/2 of the meat I was chopping up. So before I did the second 1/2 I pulverized some big ol hunks of fat and mized it in with the 2nd chopping. I still did not get enough fat in there though. The patties were a bit crumbly and dry. I might of over cooked them a bit. Not the best, but still good.

Also we churned up the 2nd batch of vanilla. Theresa mixed in some OJ concentrate for her 1/2. I blended up some fresh raspberries and swirled them in. Used the rest of the berries in my concentrated limeaid which was a bit too tart for my tastes.

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