faux hot beef sammies

Gene asks me to splain this meal. I just happened to have a picture of this in the BorK site gallery. It is good comfort food which has gravy which Theresa loves so.

Pretty simple. Make some gravy from broth, lightly toast some bread so it does not get too squishy, mash some taters, and for the meat:

I get some uber cheap steak from Russ’s and remove the juice pad and plastic from the foam tray, slap it in the freezer to get it almost frozen. helps to flip it 1/2 way through. Maybe 40 minutes total. When it is that cold it makes it really easy to slice really really thin. Skillet on almost high and a little pat of butter. The high heat helps boil off the juice and gets little crunchies on the mini beef strips. Assemble. Really good and easy.

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