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fahgettaboudit aint nobody getting my work commuter

This would be my GF sugar +1 double squishy 26 inch wheel bike. It was my first 26 inch wheel badass bike. The thing is fricking tight with very nice components and rides like a dream. I had had a failure crack on the rear suspension triangle and had it warranty replaced. The replacement rear triangle was a very decent carbon fiber unit. It was a severe upgrade over the old rear triangle. It was a beautiful black and well I severely hated the yellow, blue, and red of the frame. It was crappy superman looking. I took the front triangle to dip and strip and then was fortunate enough to have TMCO powder coat it a semi gloss black. Every part on the bike is black, it looks fricking badass.

The MWC got it all put back together as a single speed with a singulator. EP made it all happen after I had some issues. The thing is really tight and rides like a dream now thanks to him.

This will now become my commuter and I am taking measures to protect it to a level that would seem ridiculous to some and me. I refuse to ever let this sweet ass ride ever get into the hands of some fucktard theif. I am prepared.

The kryptonite fahgettaboudit lock takes overkill to the absolute extreme. The thing is nearly 6 pounds and is the most secure bike specific lock on the market. fahgettaboudit is not just a name, but reality. When I hold the fricker I cannot help but utter a mwahahahahahha….. It is huge. The locking part is double reinforced and almost as thick as a beer bottle.

Yet my protection does not stop there. I will use my bulldog U lock and the krypto chain to lock this ride up. It will take at least 30 minutes with power tools to get my ride free. My hope is that a thief will just give up on getting my bike.

Quite a visual improvement from what she used to look like

I like the black awesomeness 😉

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