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extreme beerfest was gnarly to the max

Me, Barry, Jen, Chris, And Brendan.

There were a lot of things about the beerfest that were extreme. I rubbed up against a bunch of folk mostly dudes EXTREME!
The place was packed to the max and moving around the place involded a bunch of “excuse me, sorry: EXTREME!
So many beers. I drank one that was 13% EXTREME!

Pretty cool, lots of folks serving all the diff beers. Lots of people drinking them. There were basically 3 areas that had samples. One in the beginning which is a Belgian bar had tables around the edges handing out samples. Next was Crescent moon which had a big square of tables in their dining room with beer flying out. THis was the biggest and busiest. In the Huber Haus which is the basement of the place there was another square of mostly Nebraska brewers.




Barry got a free beer token.



Joe and Marny.
Joe was like the coolest guy in my brothers class. Funny and decent. He runs a tennis shop up there in Omaha, and it was really cool to see him. They scored a booth in the place and it became a rest point for us. It was fun to talk about old times and visit.

Beertopia is an uber beer store with an amazing selection of awesome beers you simply cannot find anywhere else. We dropped a few bones there after the fest. (I got me some beer posts to make 😉 )

I have wanted to hit Zio’s for years. Seems I never get to eat there with Theresa. I mentioned the place a few times throughout the day to implant the mame into my companions. mwahahahahahaha…… We asked Joe and Marny about where to find one. It was pretty awesome. More of a Yaiyai’s that can do pastas as well.



My slice:
mushrooms, black olives, pineapple, and she said I could choose another. Just threw ham out there. It was not as thin as I thought it would be, but not bad at all. It was very close to Yaiyas is the best I can do to splain.

Thai pizza they got which was really unique and apparently a huge specialty for them. Refreshingly;y different.

I slept on the way home for a few minutes. Good times for sure.

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