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ewwwwwwww my visit to the doctor

So for about 3 months now I have had a very slight ear ache. In the beginning I swore there were hairs dep inside my ear tuby thing. I am old enough now that I have to trim my ear hair (ewwwww…) and just figured it was part of life. A couple times a week I would get a bit of pressure in the ear. Kind of like when your ears pop in an airplane, but no amount of trying to clear it would make it go away. A few times it gave me headaches, but it would go away for a few days. Yesterday I had had enough and headed to the doc. Splained the symptoms and the doc got in there and looked.

“you have some fluid behind the eardrum, but it is not infected”. And yes you do have hair deep in there rubbing on your eardrum”. I started freaking out and she explained that they were not growing in there, they must of gotten in there during a haircut. The nurse used a ear cleaning squirt bottle and got the little suckers out. They gave me some steroid nose spray, told me to take decongestants, and keep rinsing the ear out for two weeks. If the issue is still happening I will go to a specialist.

Today is already better. That was really gross though.

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