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Escape from the Planet of Robot Monsters (my first arcade game)


Just picked this arcade game from a friend at one heck of a price. It was in another friends basement and both just wanted it gone. It is not the original cabinet, it is a cabinet that was converted with a new board to this machine and then the artwork applied to it. My buddy is going to get me the board for the orig game as well and the manuals. He forgot the name of the other game, so that will be a surprise. Eventually I hope to convert it into a MAME so it will play bunches of games. Not sure if I am going to go with a new board with bunches of games or throw a PC in there. Still it is a fun game and the board inside is in perfect shape.

After doing some research last night I think I might keep this one how it is and then get another cabinet and convert that one to a MAME. Was thinking of getting a multigame board like this, but that would include turning the monitor, which I am not even sure is possible. I do have a vertical minitor in the cabinet in the garage so that might work.

Info on the game from the archives

youtube vid of the game play


Made a vid of my arcade like a bunch of the folks on the arcade forums do.

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