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Emergency roomba repair


So a while back we got a re manufactured roomba from a woot bag of crap. I purchased a charger online and a docking station. The roomba would not dock. Being it was under warranty I contacted support and after some parts and communications they sent out a replacement robot and told me to discard the improperly functioning one. We had ordered replacement batteries and got the old one working again.

So with little investment we have two functioning 500 series roombas . We love them.

quick review: When run a couple times a day it keeps your areas spotless. I figured I would have to do some catch up with an upright once a week, but it is not needed. They do an amazing job. But, there are draw backs. We have livestock so we have to empty the dual bin often. In the middle of a cycle helps. It takes time and is noisy. When it comes down to effort it is a wash compared to using an upright once a week, but our carpet looks great every day.

Then there is the more technical part of it. It seems you need to be able to dabble in taking things apart to keep them functioning every now and then. Tonight I had to rip a gearbox apart to clear some obstructions.

roomba 500 series gearbox

That photo was when I took a break 1/2 way through. It was pretty bad. A normal user should not have to do this after less than 20 uses like I did. Normally you would call in, but this one is out of warranty and I was able to get in there and fix it myself.

We still think they are the coolest robots we have and are very happy with them.

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