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dual bootin feisty vista


Had an install fest last night. First the laptop with ubunti feisty fawn 7.04. And for the very first time I got beryl working on it via this script. Plus automatix got it all set up and vmware player to play a XP VM.

On to the desktop. I still have my NAS box with a raid 5 share on it so I backed up some config files and a few other things. Then installed vista on 22 GB;s of my 74 GB raptor drive. Figured since I had it might as well try it. More on that below.
Oh then it was on to the good stuff, feisty. It got the remaining 47 gb. This time I did not set up a seperate home dir partition. I wanted it all on one so I could do some big captures with the hauppauge card and not run out of room (does not capture directly to the share very well).

So vista. Well I really rarely need to boot into windows, games and a few different things like DVD creation and programing our remote. The install was not too bad. Back when I used the second beta release it took over an hour. This time about 50 minutes. It does look pretty, but I am a little lost. Do not really know where stuff is. Oh well, I will get a few programs on there and play around. I was suprised that it does have some animation type things. When windows open up they kinda flip / zoom into place. No wobbly windows or cube, but the aeroglass interface does look very nice. It did have some good video driver cuz the aero was kicking from the start, but I did go and get the nvidia driver. I had to get the driver for my creative labs audigy 4 sound card. I was suprised to see that it had the hauppauge drivers for my TV capture card. Being the ultimate version it included media center and I was able to watch TV with hardly any configuration. I know I said I would never go vista, but I was rebuilding the whole thing and I had it.

Ubuntu feisty fawn is pretty awesome. Once again I used the scripts to get it all pimp. I had saved all my config files so I have my beryl with dual screens kicking just how I like. Feisty does not seem all that different, but it is the little things. The ivtv drivers are built in, so all I had to do was go to here to get my commands to change the channel and I am right back to capturing. I am really happy 🙂

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