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drywall goes in sat morning


We are so close, oh man. My hands are toast. Cuts, scrapes, blood blisters, lots of splinters, and my right ring finger has a knuckle swollen on it where I have not been able to get my ring off since sat morning. Had to tear out 1/2 the ceiling in the arcade, but it will all be worth it. Drywall shows up Friday evening and the installer shows up Sat morning at 8AM. The audio / video wiring is going to be great. Theresa started putting the protective plates on the studs last night and thwacked her thumb good. Thanks for the tip Marlin.

We are ahead of schedule and should be able to get the appraiser in and get the home loan refinance finalized before the rate expires. We have worked on it non stop since they told us it was on hold till the walls were up. I have not worked on or played a pinball machine for a long time. After Sat our part is done and I will get some free time. Theresa is excited to paint the room. Going dark maroon- purplish. We will take a little break before we hit the next room, but will be much more prepared to get it done right.

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