DOMESTICA 13th & O st for lunch


Yeah I know the pic is larger than my site.

Domestica is just too good to miss.

FRIDAY / Earplugs will be provided—you’re on your own for lunch.

My fave is My Bones #4

Heidi and Jon have been Lincoln music legends for decades. They are going to put on a show for sure.

LJS article

“If you just came in, why did you come in?,” Domestica guitarist Jon Taylor asked when a bunch of people walked into Duffy’s Tavern Thursday night. “You can hear just as well across the street.”

Taylor spoke the truth. Domestica was jet-engine loud for all 35 minutes of its Lincoln Exposed set. The punk rock trio was also extremely excellent.

Primarily playing songs just cut at Fuse Recording, Taylor, singer/bassist Heidi Ore and new drummer Todd Johnson rocked harder than I can remember seeing Domestica rock in a very long time — and that’s saying something.

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