doggie update

not my doggie, but a usual event in our abode.

So a while back I asked for help with a peanut butter deliverfication system from ya. Well we have just stuck to our in a freezer bag way. The ketchup bottles were too much of a pain.

So fuggles has been going to the canine consultant. We are on week 6 or so. We have learned some good techniques from Trevor. It is nice to have one on one time with a trainer. We have just learned a few tips to work with the basic commands. Heel, sit, stay, crash, and come. Nothing new really. Fuggles is not doing back flips, or jumping through hoops. But she is getting better because we are working with her daily.

She has to sit before she comes inside, eats, or when she bugs us. Treats are not needed for her to do what we want. Our house is a lot more peaceful. Theresa has not had many issues, her skin is pretty much bruise and scratch free. We got a good doggie.

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