DINK Restaurant Review

DINK (double income no kids) has a local food review blog going on. I did not know we were dinkers, but that has a catch ring to it. Lets see, a review of a review blog, hmmmmmmmm….. nope not gonna go there. But, I will go there to read their takes on some places, you should too.

So speaking of food blogs, well kinda, that domain I bought is finally gonna get some work. Heavens knows there simply are not enough food blogs, and the world really needs another. So keep your eyes peeled for that. Basically I am gonna take every me make food post here and put them over there, work on producing more videos of the current things we have down good, Theresa has been working on the recipe list, and prob cross post everything here as well.

EDIT: jeeeeesh I did not even link to them on this post. Fixed.

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