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diet Mtn dew ultra violet to the extreeeeme


A morning in the life of BorK goes like this. The pitter patter of a cat being chased at full speed by a dog begins the new day. Theresa does her stuff in the bathroom and I drift in and out of sleep. At 7 AM she is in her room and throws a towel at me and I am up. S.S.S read the letters to the editor, flip off the cat and Fuggles, pet Maggie and tell her she is a good girl, and out the door I go. Hit the U-STOP to see if any new sodas have come out and say hi to Jim and Wendy.

Today was a good day. Still wiping the sleep gunk out I see tucked up next to the diet dew and diet code red a light purple soda with a dew label. Could it be, naw it couldn’t, OMG it is. A new diet dew called ultra violet. Picked up two so I have one for tomorrow and cracked one open on the walk to work. It has the fruity smell all the newer dews have had and pretty close to voltage. The strong flavor almost completely masks the PHENYLKETONURICS, much more than any other diet soda I have had.

My standard is reg diet dew. I tried the diet code red, but it just does not do it for me. I really like the voltage, but do not need 300 empty calories in the morning and coffee is burnt bean water, ewwwwwwwww. The bummer is that ultra violet is only going to be around for 12 weeks. I am simply forced to stock up and start a campaign to have Pepsi keep this one around. It is their best diet dew hands down.

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