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Derailers on Prarie home companion today

Derailers on PHC, NPR will play it at 5 PM tonight and 11 AM tomorrow.

I asked for some behind the scenes info from Sweet Basil McJagger and he wrote about rehearsal.

It was pretty dang cool. And that was just the rehearsal tonight.
Rich Doworksy and I were talking about different ways to do a gliss on the piano.

Listen as Jerry Douglas plays a song about a farmer from Lincoln Nebraska – no shit!

As for green room food, there was seriously so much of it I could never recall it all. We had pop and coffee and drinks of every kind and description. There were bowls of candy, chips, pretzels, cold cuts, cheese, bagels, donuts, fresh fruit, chicken noodle soup, sandwiches on a zillion kinds of different fancy bread- and that was just lunch!

Later catering brought in a delicious beef burgundy. Also on hand was a vegetarian dish with chick peas and tofu (I skipped that!) they had broccoli, bagette bread, chocolate cake and lemon bars (among other things – that’s just what I had.)

As I ate my supper The Derailers were to the left of me at the table. Tim Russell was to my right (Tim Russell is the male voice – the guy that does G.W. Bush, the Catchup advisory board, etc.) Across from me was the lovely Sue Scott, and next to her was the sound effects guy – the one who isn’t Fred Newman…

Jerry Douglas is on this show and is amazing on dobro. His band is incredible.

It was all just so much fun. I had a blast all day long and we were treated like royalty. The Guy’s Allstar Shoe Band are a great bunch of fellas, and listen closely tomorrow because I may get to sit in with them on Hammond Organ at some point.

During our songs (we do 4) I play electronic keyboard, Steinway 9′ grand piano, and Hammond B3. During “Big in Vegas” I have to run from the organ to the piano (they are not close). The floor is covered with Persian rugs, and I almost wiped out during the song.

Garrison Keillor is very cool. We talked about Clear Channel, his movie, and corn prices. He is a master story teller, and I think when this is all over, years from now, we’ll be ranking him right up there with Mark Twain and Will Rogers.

Tune into the show tomorrow, it’ll be a hoot!

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