Deputies investigate deer shooting in wilderness park


hat tip to FFL

This is so fricking lame on so many levels. I was in wilderness during that time. Think I am gonna have to wear a flak jacket out there. That is two shootings out there in less than a year.

Lancaster County Sheriff’s deputies took a report of a deer being shot from the road Sunday afternoon at Wilderness Park.

Two witnesses saw it happen shortly before 4:30 p.m. near First and Calvert streets. When deputies arrived, they saw a white-tailed deer, southeast of the intersection, trying to crawl away.

One of the deputies shot the deer.

Witnesses said they saw two men wearing orange hunting jackets in a green ’90s model, short-box Chevrolet truck at the intersection. The driver leaned out of the pickup window and shot the deer with a long rifle, according to an incident report.

Then the truck sped away.

The sheriff’s office has no suspects.

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