bacon of the month club round 11: Dan Philips Special Brown Sugar Hickory Smoked Country Bacon

This is the guy who runs the grateful palate personal brand of bacon. Oh man. It is another uber smoked bacon. Through the sealed package it smells like a burning house. Opened the package and my nose hairs started tingling. Theresa walked into the kitchen when I was frying some pieces up and she was startled. Seems when bacon is really smoky like that it becomes translucent. It was a bit fatty and thinly sliced, but crisped up really good. The smoke flavor is very intense and is more of an aftertaste. The fat was delicious like little flavor bombs. The meat was perfect and the salt was just right. Did not notice the brown sugar much.

The last package, #12 showed up. It is some strange slab bacon. Good thing I got my slicer šŸ˜‰

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