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Crabby Bill’s is nummy

Crabby Billys

Theresa was going to go out shopping with her Mommy so I was on my own for dinner. I really wanted seafood and went through my options. I could grab some fresh seafood, prob just snow crab legs from Midwest seafood, Red Lobster, and then I remembered that Crabby Billy’s was open.

The LJS did a review in the ground zero, and seemed good enough for me. BTW they now have calamari and fish and chips. I dropped in about 6 PM and they had about 8 tables. Since I was by myself I chose to sit at the bar. Their menu is pretty decent. None of the dinners really grabbed me so I ordered off the appetizer menu. I really wanted some shrimp and calamari. The steamed shrimp were the first thing I ordered.

Crabby Billys steamed shrimp

steamed in butter, wine, and garlic it was pretty near what a scampi would be. Six decent sized shrimp in a sauce. The garlic was strong, but not overpowering. The shrimp was cooked perfectly and not tough at all. Really good. Drank some of my Boulevard wheat and asked the bartender about the calamari. He assured me they make it and it has the tennacles and was really good. I ordered them up.

Crabby Billys calamari

They were severely flavorful. The herbs and pepper really stood out. I am not a big fan of dipping sauce, but their crabby sauce eased the spices sting. I really loved the powerful spice, but I would think it might be a bit too much for some. The squid was done perfectly. Not overdone, tender not chewy, and breaded just enough to let the flavor of the squid shine through. They did not have too much of a fried flavor meaning the oil they were cooked in was really clean. It was the best calamari I have had in Lincoln.

I was in and out in under 20 minutes. The food flew out of the kitchen and service was great. I am sure I will be back again.

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