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city trimmed my tree


A neighbor across the street had a crew out trimming his tree a few weeks ago. I asked him about it and he said he just called the city and they came out and did it. About a quarter of the lower limbs were dead. I tried a pole saw, but those things are really hard to use. I was shocked at how much of the tree they took down and how far the bucket reached. I helped them clean up and offered refreshments, but they said they had a lot of ice water in their trucks.

Right now they are about 3 weeks out on call ins, but you can call them and have them check out if your tree is a candidate for trimming here.

The tree is owned by the city because it is between the sidewalk and the street. That is why it did not cost me anything. There is so much sunlight hitting our front yard now. Before we could hide behind the branches, but now we can see all around. I guess I will have to water more often now.

UPDATE: fixed link

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