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circus peanuts


I wish i would of had my camera when Theresa picked these up and looked at me with complete disgust. She was under the weather as well.

I am currently reading a straight dope book on the plop plop machine and Cecil mentioned circus peanuts and I started craving them. I really loved them as a kid and was pretty stunned to find out they were banana flavored. I guess I never noticed, but after being told that they started tasting funny to me. Picked some up last night and they were nummers.

SD circus peanut article.

Fear and loathing. Sample comments: “Ewwwww! I tried one once. It was like eating a dead finger.” “They taste like they’re stale even when they’re fresh.” “Like orange-flavored Styrofoam.” “I think they are the horror that is the circus, that flat tin taste of fear and clowns and little lost children amid the cotton candy stink and the piles of elephant doo-doo and the clamor of the midway and the tinny sound of the circus band endlessly wheezing its way through yet another soulless circus fanfare.

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