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Chunky Thunky perch


We have wanted to do this for a while and started it over this weekend. Thunkers loves to climb and we figured if we built him some shelves he would use those and stay off our crap. We are planning on replacing the walls in this room this winter, so a few holes is no problem. He has been getting up on the treadmill so we just went from there. We have some more shelves ready and carpeted, but there is some brick behind the plaster so I need to get some anchors or concrete screws.

We want to make some hammock type thing in some corners so he can sleep up there. Need to find a pet net or something. We put some catnip on the high one and he just melted and we were worried he would fall off, but has not yet. Was a bit unsure at first, but now he flys up there.


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