chicken stew


We love roasted chicken for dinner, but figuring out what to do with the leavings is always an issue. Chicken noodle soup, taquitos, and chicken tacos are good, but lately I end up making a really rich stock and freeze it to satisfy Theresa’s gravy addiction. I had the idea of making chicken pot pies and after running it past Theresa we came up with a chicken stew that would be CPP without the PP (he he pee pee). Asked for some advice on the SCS message board and I must say it turned out really good.

Theresa picked up the stuff wed and the chicken she got was pretty big. All the others were frozen. I got a ton of just white meat off it and then made an uber stock in the pressure cooker with everything else. I added a bunch of water and cooked the vegetables individually to get the doneness of each to what we like. Thickened the stock with a roux with a bit of 2% milk in there and it came out awesome.








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