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Chicken schwarma sort of


Back in december I ate down at Sultan’s Kite for a SCS luncheon. They have gyros, chicken schwarma, and other delicious items. I love gyros, but it is usually after being downtown to see a show and much drinking. I strap the foam box on my bike and head home and feast. The next day I have horrible gyro burps and severely regret my late night fooding.

The chicken schwarma at Sultan’s Kite was basically a chicken gyro and it was absolutely delicious. I did not get the gyro burps and had been craving it since my last visit. I explained the dish to Theresa and she said she would be willing to try it. She loves cucumbers and the rest is not too far out there. I offered to pick one up and split it, but figured it would be cooler for me to try and make it at home.


Peeled a cucumber and dug the seeds out


Sliced it thin and salted the cucumber to draw the moisture out


After an hour of spinning the water out I loaded the bits into the processor with fresh dill, a clove of garlic, pepper, red wine vinegar, lemon juice, and olive oil. Chopped it to a mush


Mixed the goop in some greek yogurt. It had a very strong cucumber and garlic flavor, but they say you need to let it sit for hours for the flavors to meld. I let it sit over night.


I was pretty torn on how to make the chicken part. I do not have a gyro spinner so I pounded it really flat and just went with coating one side of it with Cavendar’s greek seasoning, and the other side with Penzy’s greek seasoning.


Browned in a pan with a bit of clarified butter and oil. I let it rest in some foil while we got the rest of the meal ready and sliced it insanely thin.

It was pretty good. Theresa even made a salad and used the tzatziki sauce for dressing. “tastes like cucumber ranch”. But the sauce was a bit heavy on the garlic and cucumber and the chicken was just not like the stuff at the Sultan’s kite. Theresa gave it a solid meh. She said she would not really want to try it again. I asked her if I could work on it a bit and then have her try one from Sultan’s kite that maybe she would enjoy it more and let me try it again for a meal. She agreed, but is in no hurry. I still call that a win in my book though.

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